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Screen printing press

edited October 2008 in Random
Does anyone know where to buy a small silk screen press, or have a recommendation for a good model?


  • blick. i think speedball is still the most popular brand
  • thanks simon!
  • I have the speedball screen printing kit. I got it off ebay, have not used it yet, need to setup a screen area.

    Lillstreet offers a intro screen printing kit and you have access to all their stuff while the class goes on, that is kind of nice.
  • Some people at my work want to make t shirts before the election, maybe we'll get one of those speedball screen printing kits....
    you should make halloween t shirts, rick!
  • I dont have enough time to play with the screen printing kit, I have been working 15 hrs a day for like 3 weeks. if you need some inks I have about 400+ dollars worth I think and some extra squeegees you can use.
  • Screen printing yourself with a home kit is not nearly as easy as it sounds. I used to so it in college all the time, and would end up kicking and breaking things. It always worked great eventually though.

    Perhaps with some patience and some people who know what they are doing, you will have better luck.
  • thanks for the advice, guys, and for the ink offer, Rick! Justin also suggested stenciling rather than screen printing. We'll see what the folks here think.
  • Nick Gryigel knows a lot about screen printing. Does anyone know if he is on the corks?
  • He used to be. Our friend Javier runs a printing shop in Rockford as well. If your doing more than 10-15 shirts, it maybe worth giving him a call.
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