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Heating the home, without the use of bonfire

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Thinking on how to heat the house this winter with aaron working from home now.
Would it be cheaper to have a space heater by his desk for the work day and heat the home in the evening with the thermostat?

Found this article, but not very helpful to me



  • A good initial approach I think would be to consider losses of heat rather than sources. Seek and destroy poorly-insulated door frames and windows for example. That plastic film you can heat-shrink onto window frames to make temporary double-glazing is cheap and very effective, I believe.
    I had a quick look on the always-amazing Metafilter, which came up with a few interesting threads here:
    One hit looked good; a green building supply site at . UK-based, but might have some good info.
    Once losses have been minimized, any old heat source would be suitable, one would think. Get one with a thermostat I suppose. Those small ceramic electric jobbies always looked very efficient to me, like
  • Tell Aaron to wear fleece and suck it up!! Being a little cold makes you more alert and attentive. The whingers in my office keep it too damn warm. I'm walking around in shorts and tshirt for Gods sake.

    Have to agree with Andy. Plug the holes, cracks etc. Most heat loss is through the roof, windows and doors not being sealed properly. They have rubber strips at HoBo that give a great seal around doors.
  • thanks guys -

    and we have Kebin Cork installing a new front door with decorative windows, yet protects from loss of heat - and turns out we have an interior door as our external front door right now - ah condo living
  • clean all your vents and replace/clean any filters. open your blinds during the day to let in the warking rays of sun, and if you have ceiling fans you can set them on reverse so it pulls the warm air up.

    Check out this site:
  • Oh, and humidifiers rule in the winter too, plus I reckon they maximise heat because humid feels warmer than dry (I think).
    Never get those poxy fog-type humidifiers though; they are totally useless. Must get an evaporative wick-type. The vornado one we have throws out like 5 gallons of moisture each day, makes a huge difference. Antimicrobial additives are a must for the reservoirs on these, otherwise you will inoculate your lungs with God knows what. Get one based on benzalkonium chloride-type chemistry; the awesomest bug-killer ever.
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    Posted By: coolerteddyTell Aaron to wear fleece and suck it up!! Being a little cold makes you more alert and attentive. The whingers in my office keep it too damn warm. I'm walking around in shorts and tshirt for Gods sake.
    I concur wholeheartedly. Bunch'a sissies.

    You can always grow a beard to keep your face warm... then if you're still cold, do some pushups until you start sweating.

    Problem solved... the Mr. T. way!
  • Plastic shrinkwrap for the windows is a definite--my last bedroom window was so poorly insulated that the bedroom would flood a little if the rain came in at the right angle. Shrinkwrap helped the temperature at least a few degrees!

    And those little space heaters are awesome-Aaron can close the door to his room and have one of those on, it'll get quite toasty.

    Does anyone know where to get those snake-looking things that you keep at door and window frames to keep drafts out?
  • Also, speaking on bonfire...
  • rick - do you regularly read real simple?
  • b - not regularly, but when I think about it.
  • hey, rick's article link has a picture of what I'm talking about on the first page--anyone know where to buy those?
  • here are a few:

  • You could buy heated clothing. Why heat the whole house when you can just heat you!
  • just what my hunter fiance needs, except we haven't procreated yet and i would be afraid of zapping the lil swimmers
  • I'm going to make a draft stopper, will let you know how it turns out! :)
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