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The Runner Man!!

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Any suggestions where to get a rug runner about 3 to 3.5 feet wide by 10 to 12 feet long. Have looked/am looking on craigs.
We are also looking for similar sizes for the hallway. Any input greatly appreciated.

Bitchass downstairs neighbour complaining about our little one running round the place.

Personally I think if her own carpet was laid a little better she wouldn't be sooo bitchy.


  • Good old Marshalls or TJMaxx have those sort of things I think. We've got one in our entrance hallway thingy. Or a quiet word with the Polish/Croatian mafia to put the frighteners on your neighbour. Poles for show, Croats for a pro.
  • don't buy the bamboo style runner at pier one - it sheds everywhere and your little dog will think it's a poo pad - if any of this applies to you.

    i find the padding under the runner necessary too - to keep from sliding and adds that extra sound proof and plush
  • We found some good ones at Crate and Barrel Outlet store on Clybourn.
  • edited November 2008
    These are great:
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