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Blue bins, sans blue bags?

edited November 2008 in Random
do you all have the blue bins? we've had them for awhile now - but wondering how to bundle up the recycling to get it to the blue bin.

we have been using these green bags i found at whole foods - they are some sort pf plastic that breaks down under very little stress and compost themselves or some such thing. fairly inexpensive but still wondering if there's a cheaper way to recycle.

and the blue bags were never that cheap.....though maybe they will still be handing them out with the xmas tree recycling...

hmm any thoughts ?


  • are you referring to the blue "trash can" bins? if so, we keep recycling in a separate can in the house, then just dump it into the blue bin loose.

    This ridiculously long url brought to you by the city of Chicago.
  • wah. I don't have blue bins yet. Wish we did!
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again until I'm blue in the face. Have an especially smurfy redycling day!!
  • blue bins here but our association hired Groot to pick up our recycling weekly for our 8 unit building. Costs us $45/mo total or something for 2 city of Chicago sized bins. Best part? We don't have to separate anything! I highly recommend them.
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