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Do you have a good eye doctor?

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Do tell....


  • I had some problems with my eye last year, and went to Krupin at the Northwestern hospital just off Michigan ( He's a bit of a crotchety old fool if you ask me, but he knows his shit and is available.
    The REALLY good doc we know is a lady who sorted out Gina's eye muscles a couple of years ago. She's a real champion in her field apparently, fixed it all up, G was highly impressed. Would you like me to get her details? She's very backed up though, an appt would take some months.
  • Red Eye on Damen. They're wonderful.
  • aaron needs to get his eyes checked for the first time. nothing too serious i suppose. we'll try red eye and if he needs a transplant - then i'll take gina's guy. seriously eye stuff can be so whack - my aunt has migraines in her eyes or something - makes her dizzy and she sees spots. so weird.

    thx guys!
  • Oh, I get those sometimes. I think the tracers/trails/spots you see can be precursors to the migraines. When it happens to me (rarely), it starts as a small spot, then grows to a nice trail or glob of wavey spots that I can't see around. Then the fun (migraine) starts. I have this great medication, though, that you take when the spots start, and it really works to stave off the migraine.
  • a friend of mine owns d/vision on... division st. i got my eyes checked there most recently and his doctor seemed fine.
  • hmm d/vision is where i picked up aaron after his 'accident' and he had no idea where he was.
    i wonder if he could find it now (wink).

    thanks for all the suggestions guys!
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