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Anybody here investing in the market at the moment? Discuss

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Tis a difficult time. Only a masochist could be enjoying investing at the present time.


  • It's actually prob a good time to invest. Buy low.
  • suze orman said something like keep putting your money into your retirement b.c. it will be buying more now at the low price and in the long run it'll be great. did i get that right?
    anyway aaron and i are rolling over our 401K's to vanguard IRA's at the moment. I can't see why not and we've waited long enough. but the amounts we are rolling over are dismal compared to what they were last year - like a third.
  • This summarizes my investment strategy at the moment. I wish I could put mine in an ira to invest as I please. The selection of funds is abysmal in my 401K.
  • ahah yeah the only choice i know of in my little research is that some portfolios are 'green' but other than that - you just go in the pool.

    sometimes i think - it would just be better to invent the next post-it or write that book to gain wealth and forgo 'retirement' $'s.

    are we the generation that won't have social security and could just turn a blind eye to investments like 401K? it doesn't look good where we are now. i love suze's advice but could we liberate ourselves from the shackles on health insurance, life insurance, 401K etc. ? ?
    it seems not - it can make you money out of money so i guess we keep on.

    and this is from a woman that just signed up for maternity insurance - pardon me for getting personal - but this is such a crock. i have to pay this crazy amount for 365 days before i even get pregnant b.c. otherwise the pregnancy would be considered a 'pre-existing' condition. listen, i've had these ovaries since birth. isn't it a pre-existing notion that i might procreate? wtf
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    Anything over 5% is a mug's game, I reckon. Save it up, stay cautious and let time and compound interest do its thing. Also, cross your fingers and hope your relatives don't blow their money on holidays and nursing homes.
  • My God somebody took an overdose of laxatives. The market took another major dump today.
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