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Found Kittens

edited November 2008 in Events & Planning
We found 4 absolutely adorable kittens in the rear building basement - and Bahareh and I are trying to find them a home - or get them into TreeHouse.

Can anyone adopt or foster 1-4 kittens? They are very young, very cute, all black and white and need homes ASAP.

Let me or B know about any leads!


  • video of kittens:

  • holy crap, cute overload! Sorry I cannot help out, did you post on myspace or facebook?
  • Awww~
    we captured 3 of the 4 this morning and they are at Treehouse. The capture was difficult and kind of sad to take them away from thir mom cat. :(

    Now we have to capture the last kitten and then the mom so we can get her spayed.
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