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Bonfire pit

edited November 2008 in Random
Anyone want to start a poll for dates for this season's firepit gathering?



  • Yes! Are you thinking after the New Year?
  • or before, if we have a really nice snowfall.
  • after the next time it snows perhaps?
  • That is such a great photo. If only the angle of the fire was a little better...

    Is the blob at the bottom Kovy?
  • Sure looks like the blob is Kovy.
    It's a date then. When we get more snow, off to the bonfire we go.
  • i'm in. so is the blob.
  • well, if kelja is in with the blob...
  • WAIT!!!! We have SNOW coming tomorrow & Sat! Wanna pick this one this weekend?/?
  • tonight, tonight!
  • So...who's in for tonight w/ such late notice?
  • Not i, said the wee bear. i can do sunday.
  • Anyone for sunday? or perhaps next weekend?
  • i could do sunday
  • i can't do any night this weekend, on second thought. i think tonight i need to just curl up in bed with a book and a few bottles of wine... and a kovy... and maybe a kevin...

    anyone else in? come on over!

    : )
  • i like the order of things kelly -

    poor Kevin!

    i'm working tomorrow - no can do
  • Anyone up for this weekend?
  • sounds good to me.
  • how is saturday? Or is this weekend no good?
  • I sure wish we could go sledding sometime. Never really been sledding before. Not in snow like this. Sure would be fun.


    This weekend works for me. I have no plans.
  • kevin and i can't do saturday.

    : (
  • well, freezing poop!
    Is Sunday better?
    We can go sledding--in fact, maybe the same day we go to the bonfire pit, because there's a nice sledding hill in Evanston, which is one the way up to the firepit. Justin and I have a sled and a tube.
  • i'll go sledding!
  • sunday is ok by me.
  • kevin and kelly, are you guys saying you're in for sunday, too?
  • i think sunday works for us!
  • Not for us, sorry
  • i can't do it either...meh.
  • Did you guys end up going sledding? I probably would've joined you but I haven't been on here in a while. Poop! I DO think that we should start going the route of emailing for stuff like this, otherwise some will be left out. *sniff*
  • edited January 2009
    DO think that we should start going the route of emailing for stuff like this, otherwise some will be left out. *sniff*

    We might as well just shut the site down in that case.

    I'll talk to Marc, maybe we can add an RSS extension or something.
  • that would be great, thanks! I'm wiping away the tears as we speak.
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