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Traveling to Ireland

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I am taking a trip to Ireland in april/may. Has anyone been before and what airport is better to fly into?

Right now it looks like we will fly into Dublin or Shannon. Currently we are not planning to go to Northern Ireland, and we plan to be in Dublin on the last day/night of the trip. I was thinking Shannon would be the better option for arrival and then dublin for the return. Yay/Nay?

Any must see things?



  • too bad no northern ireland... kevin's got family there!

    i am officially jealous of your trip.
  • better take your wellys, it's gonna be wet in april!

    i have family in bangor outside belfast, we drove to dublin once... it was nice but very dirty, don't go to U2/bono's bar... it's a trap. you'll love flying in, you've never seen so many shades of green!

    take a ferry to the isle of man, that might be fun. sorry i'm not much help.

    i also am jealous!!!
  • isle of man, cliffs of moher, Jameson Distillery are some of the spots we are planning.
  • dave might be able to help...
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    Dave here with some Irish info.....

    Rick haven't flown into Shannon, don't know what it's like. If you are planning to drive, you could make your way cross country by car and fly home from Dublin.

    If you fly to Shannon (my sister lives near there, I'll ask her for some suggestions) you have to visit Galway and yes cliffs of Moher also. County Cork and Kerry are also nice or Lough Key Forrest Park in Sligo.
    I also suggest Newgrange in Meath. It predates the pyramids. Google it for some interesting info.
    Dublin aaaah what can I say, I've had some great times there. Lots to see.
    The book of Kells, Trinity College, Temple Bar. The Brazen Head Hotel/pub (there's something truly humbling about having a pint in a spot that is 800 years old.

    I'll think about it some more and see what I come up with. There is a good dublin City bus tour that I recommend, tix are valid for 24 hrs and run all day, you can get on and off as you please at the various locations it visits.

    I remember the guide telling a story about Daniel O'Connell.

    "Being born in a stable," the Duke of Wellington is supposed to have said, "does not make one a horse." Wellington, so the story goes, was rejecting the idea that the accident of his birth (in Dublin) would make him Irish, when other evidence might suggest he were English, or blessed with that great intangible abstraction, Britishness.

    Daniel O' Connell replied that being born in a stable could make one an ass.
  • Posted By: keljatoo bad no northern ireland... kevin's got family there!
    Rick - you should consult the travel programming of the _other_ famous Rick: Rick Steve's!

    And fuck N. Ireland - might as well go to Beirut :)

    Dave's advice sounds solid. And he's proper Irish. Love that quote from DoW!
  • Dave thanks for all the wonderful info.I just found out that the flight from Chicago only lands in Dublin. Do you know of any cheap places to stay in Dublin? A little inexpensive, that is nice and the price is reasonable. We are planing to drive across the country.

    Mark - We have consulted the mighty Rick Steve.
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    Have you booked your flight yet? If not look at Aer Lingus prices, they hit Dublin, then fly back to Shannon.

    Places to stay in Dublin, don't know of any. Would look on the tourist info sites.
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