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missing nalgene bottle

edited December 2008 in Random
way back in the summer, when bahareh had her BBQ on logan blvd. my nalgene bottle was left behind. did anyone pick it up? sorry for the 4-5 month late response, i just thought of it today.

it looked like this.


  • I saw a hobo walking around with one of those, over in the alley by Cozy Corner....
  • If you fail to find your bottle, I believe a replacement can be purchased relatively inexpensively from all good camping or home goods stores. Look for a sign saying "cheap-ass bottles".
  • i'm not buying this but the new trendy one is this if you are in the market
  • edited December 2008
    I have both a Sigg & a Nalgene bottle.. here's the problem:

    Water from the Sigg bottle tastes like metal.

    Water from the Nalgene tastes like plastic.

    With these drawbacks in mind, I think those old-fashioned kidney-shaped leather canteens are the only way to go if you need to replace your bottle. One with the inside fashioned from a boar's bladder or what have you... like mountain men used to carry.

    If you use one of those, your water will surely taste pure & crisp with a slight hint of boar's urine, like nature intended.
  • haha

  • this is the most random post ever. dude, it's in my car. it's been there since the labor day party. what in the WORLD made you think of this NOW?????

    Also, one other thought: metal canteens are better because if you're ever caught w/o a filter, you can boil water in them.
  • haha, SWEET! well bahareh just told us you might be having games at your house soon... i guess i will pick it up then.

    i think about it ever so often when i see my other pile of water bottles, but i never remember long enough to make it to my computer.

    thanks for keeping it.
  • Hey, you can boil water over a fire in a plastic bottle you know, or even in a paper cup. Saw it on Survivorman. Works fine as long as you keep the heat on the water, ie not on naked plastic or paper.
  • i hope Gut hosts games soon. he has a FABULOUS lighting scheme.
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