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JC Poker Night

edited January 2009 in Events & Planning
Were people actually interested in this or was it the vodka talking? It would be fun, no? Not for much money. Maybe a 5 dollar buy in, and we play with chips worth nickels and dimes.

Hours of nice, friendly cards and conversation. We will start simple in case you haven't played much poker. Texas Hold'em and 5-7 Card Stud games. Then keep it interesting and play some of the weirder poker games later on.



  • I'm in. I know C-Stone like the Poker too.

    I bet on every hand though!
  • sure. I'll play for cheese, too.
  • can peeps come even if they don't play poker? ya know, just to visit and stuff?
  • i would be game.. I would hate to take everyone's money in these difficult economic times though..
  • i could get down on a poker night
  • alright! And I know Todd was in. 6 is more than enough for a good poker night. When can everyone get together? This weekend? Next weekend?
  • I'd like to be in, but I STINK at card games and don't like them that much. Well up for seeing you folks for a beer sometime soon though...
  • I was thinking this Sat night? Tomorrow's a possibility too. Who's place? We could fit 8 around my table w/ a couple of donated chairs but it's not a really cool poker table. And Cstone, you SURE you wanna play poker w/ a couple of amateurs? We know what happened last time...YIKES! ;)
  • what happened last time?!?

    I can't tomorrow night, but Saturday would work. I'll offer up our place. The table isn't "cool" but we can dim the lights a little. No one will ever know.

    Tracy, of course none poker players can come over. I know Melissa won't be playing so I'm sure she would enjoy some company.
  • : (

    we are going to dinner saturday. meh.
  • i don't think this weekend works for me either - next Saturday may work for me though and i can host a poker night sometime too, our table seats 6.
  • ive been real sick all weekend. a break in the clouds is coming, though. i think sometime during the week is best...what about mondays?
  • edited January 2009
    During the week would be great! Monday works for me. Monday as in tomorrow? Todd? Teri? Chris?
  • jack bauer says there's not enough time monday...
  • Wait, 24 is on again tonight?!?! I realize this is off topic, but my god. Its like American Idol, on everytime I turn the TV on, there it is.

    I don't know how to play poker, but I like fun.
  • I don't know how to play poker, but I like fun.

    you wouldn't like this game then... you just lose a bunch of money. i'm in too, but not monday, wednesday, or thursday.
  • edited January 2009
    blank comment
  • so is this dead in the water? maybe we should just decide on a bare minimum of players since not everyone seems to have many days free. that way we can pull the trigger on this, even if some can't make it initially.
  • edited January 2009
    I agree with you Simon. Think 4 is enough for poker. I have work to catch up on tonight because I spent Monday and Tuesday sitting on a jury. How about next Tuesday so Kevin can join?

    Todd? C-Stone? B? Christoper Walken?

    If Tari is going to be referring to herself in the 3rd person like that all night, I'm not sure we want her attending anyway.

    (kidding Tari, I think you're great and would love to take your money)
  • I can do tuesday.

    on another note, when is zombie night?
  • tuesday works for me. where? and what is zombie night?
  • Tuesday it is. We can do the first one over here. 2114 N. Bingham. I think I live pretty close to you Simon?

    Bahareh bought me this awesome zombie board game for my birthday and Zombie night will be when ever we can finally get enough nerds together to play it. I'm ready!
  • Awww man, I was totally kidding up there Tari. I assumed Sebastian typed that anyway and I was just being an ass.
  • no worries Chase. Justin edited my comments to be an ass.
  • Seriously.
  • Dammit Justin. I spent half the day feeling guilty.
  • Ok, so Tuesday night Poker. Mmmm, want to say 7:30-8ish? I'll have some chips and stuff. And maybe some whiskey if anyone wants to get serious about it. I'll send Todd an email. Hopefully he can make it.
  • I'd LOVE to play, but can't until 8:30ish due to a board meeting. I'll email you about it Chase. Hopefully, 8:30 will work.
  • so, 8:30 then? i guess text/call me. 773-837-1554
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