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JC Poker Night



  • Sure, 8:30 works for me. Awesome.
  • I think I will have to bail tonight, in favor of award show homework. :< Have fun, you guys can win my $5 next time!
  • so what's the count? Me and Chase and Gut?
  • nope, Kevin and our roommate Rudy are in. So we have 5.

    We do, however, have a problem. Our furnace is out as of sometime last night and it's about 50 degrees in here. We can bring a few space heaters around the table, but it might be best to relocate to Simon or Todd's? I'll send Todd an email now to see if his place is available.
  • furnace is out? ewww...
  • Yep, it's frickin' cold. Todd says we can play at his place. I don't know exactly where it is but I'll text you the address as soon as I hear back. Or we can probably give you a ride?
  • yeah, let me know where it is. is it still 8:30 too?
  • Great fun last night dudes! We definitely need to do it again.
  • how'd it go? who won?
  • rudy stole all of our money. nah, it was great! most lost was $5, most gained was $8.50.
  • when we doing this again?
  • GutGut
    edited February 2009
    wow. been awhile since i've been on. let's get this set up! who's hosting? oh, and btw, if you don't get buy in from everyone, it probably means that we need to send an email out. i haven't been on here in 3 weeks. :(
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