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edited January 2009 in Events & Planning
Forget the cold and escape into an exotic atmosphere at Trader Vics! Join Chase and I tonight for a tiki drink. I used to love the old Trader Vics downtown, and I'm excited to try this new one at 1030 N. State.


  • Woohoo! Except I'm going to need someone to buy my drinks because I just spent a bunch of money on baseball tickets and now I'm broke.
  • maybe! depends on when i get outta here!
  • but if not tonight, then perhaps we can reconnoiter there another night?
  • Ooh, I think I'm in here. 1030 N.State? I'll be there say around 6.30 unless I hear otherwise from you folks.
  • woohoo! 1030 State is correct. It is right where Rush and State come together. Melissa doesn't get off until 7 so we probably can't make it before about 7:30.
  • Will you be coming straight from work Andy? I could come on over at 6:30 and just have Melissa meet us there if it will help avoid awkward "Andy sitting at Trader Vics waiting for friends for an hour" situation.
  • Yes please! I've got an excellent sci-fi book though, so don't worry too much about 6.30 exactly. I'll drop Ray a line too, see if he fancies popping out for one.
  • don't think I can make it tonight. :(
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