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I guess I only post when I want help and apologize for that in advance...(TLDR to the end)

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Hello from 12:18 am Saturday morning on a different continent.

One of the myriad reasons I moved to this strange country is that my distaste for office jobs was outweighing my desire for financial independence (and independence in the form of not living with my parents). Win win situation. I now live alone in a tinyish box (albeit with two balconies that let in a lot of light AND a big boy bed) that is paid for by my employer (with the exception of utilities) which is awesome, but considering the exchange rate of the won to the dollar these days I'm doing about as well as paying for my apartment with an office job stateside...anyway.

Right now I am teaching a class on Saturdays (ugh) that relies heavily on news articles that facilitate debate amont my students. I do teach adults, and at this level their english is largely functional. Sadly, I failed to enter into my pros and cons equation before I came here that 8 hours of work meant 8 hours of standing in front of people and speaking to them to be met with various levels with un(mis)comprehension. It all leads up to this realization:

I. Have. No. Time. To. Fuck. Around. On. The. Internet. On. Company. Time. While. Being. Paid.

Since I know that this is a drinking club with a thinking problem I am looking to do some outsourcing if you will oblige me. When I used to have time to fuck around on the internets I read a lot of news and I am assuming you do the same. My plea is that if you read an article that you believe presents two sides of an issue that could facilitate discussion either add a link to this discussion or email it to me at (is it safe to write my email address like that in a SECRET place like the jolly corks?).

Your rewards are stories!

I am in the process of writing one of the stories, but I am finding myself too tired/drunk to make that a reality.

PS--if you have the chance to go to China take it! You will be stared at like no tomorrow (even though we think of cities like Shanghai and Beijing as international cities) but it's well worth the super inflated visa fee that China has enacted to be dicks and reflect the US visa fee for Chinese people visiting us.


  • Nice post Emily! And nice to hear from you too.
    Not exactly sure what you're requesting though. D'you mean ANY two-sided article of interest, or did you have more particular topic(s) in mind? And is this just for your own reading pleasure (ie you REALLY don't have time to surf but crave cool discussions quickly), or more as material for your students?
    Either way, I can think of 2 sites right away that contain highly-concentrated stuff:

    First up is my beloved Arstechnica site forum. There's a sub-forum there called the "Soap Box", where folks go into insane detail and debate over the issues of the day or whenever. It's a bit much for me, to be honest, but it might be what you're after. Link is here -

    Secondly, my favourite site of the entire Internet is Metafilter. Notably , which is an amazingly useful question and answer session, and the general-purpose , which is just an interesting best-of-the-web.
    I suspect that isn't really what you were after, but hey, can't hurt.

    In fact, now i think of it, might be just the ticket too. RSVP!

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