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i'd like recommendations for scary books....

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i'm on a weird horror kick lately and wanna know if anyone has any recommendations for a really scary book. suggestions?

oh, and thank you in advance!


  • IT by Stephen King. Most of his books suck but this one is good.
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    Get this book:

    I read it when I was a kid, and the M.R. James story "Oh, Whistle and I'll Come to You, My Lad" is still EASILY the scariest thing I've ever read. God, the hair on my SPINE is twitching at the memory of it! Fantastic, and the other stories are top quality too, though fucked if i can remember any of them with that one freaking me out for the last thirty-five years.

    ps if you Google the title there are pdf's of it right there. Save it for later reading though, by a single candle with the the wind and rain battering at the window. Maybe a cat'll jump on your feet as you near the end at which point you'll probably DIE.
  • OMG Andy! i just want a good book recommendation, not death!

    thanks everyone! i'll defenitely look into these.
  • i'll get back to you soon on this, traekwon.
  • Insomnia by Stephen King creeped me out to no end.
  • Heh - maybe a tad over-dramatic on my part there. Still a good story though; did you get a chance to read it yet?
  • andy, i'm a bit remedial when it comes to reading. some people i know (*ahem, kelly) can read about 10 books in half an hour, but it takes me a bit longer. i'm definitely going to look into it. thanks for the suggestion...i really do appreciate it!
  • start with my suggestions then, you know they're gonna be at a 3rd grade reading level... the author was, hell you might even learn some new words!
  • kevin, you sold me on your argument. i'm reading yours first, especially since i'm apparently going to die if i read andy's suggestion.
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