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I remember how people used to write stories up here......

edited June 2009 in Random
I remember when I was visiting the Bacardi Rum factory in Puerto Rico. They give you tickets for a few drinks at the bar after the tour. I was about to go and say "Give me a bacardi and coke...." cos it was very hot that day in Puerto Rico and I needed something thirst quenching and cool.

It was then that I spied a 50 yr old Bacardi reserve nesting quietly on an upper shelf. I asked for a glass of iced tap water(no ticket necessary) and left the bar to sit in the shade with my 50 yr old Bacardi reserve. Two more sweet excursions followed. Sweet sugar caned bliss. So much better than the canes from my schooldays.

That night I killed my first fifty year old.......

50 yr old bliss not to blame. It was from a hatred of Hawaii 50 which I was forced to endure at a very young age, endure endlessly by a callous,commanding older brother. The theme music haunts me still.

I bought some 50 year old Bacardi reserve today. I have a brother who just turned 50 that I've been meaning to say hi to.
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