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cattle dog up for adoption

edited July 2009 in Random
this is news from the foster mom that gave us Chai. aussies are challenging but smart high energy dogs, and chai has even got me 'jogging' now - go figure. pass the word around if anyone is interested in adopting this other dog she has available, Banjo

Cheryl Wormet
Re: Regarding Banjo - Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

Hi there,

I don't remember if I sent you a letter about Banjo. He is a blue Aussie, who is presently staying at my vet's office. He's about nine or so months old, and needs a home. He is quite smart, but needs some socializing re: getting along with other dogs. Some Aussies just don't like to share their people with other dogs, and need to learn that skill.

My question is: Do you know anyone who might be interested in giving Banjo a forever home? It never hurts to put the word out. Poor Banjo is stuck in a cage most of the time, and they would really like to see him get into a home. He is a blue merle, and really handsome. So, if you would just put the word out that he needs a home, I would appreciate it.

Cheryl J. Wormet,
Milwaukee's Adoptable
Dog Rescue


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