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edited July 2009 in Events & Planning
In this thread we talk about camping in 2009.


  • i'm in... but i don't want to plan it. : (
  • i was just thinking about camping this morning, and how it should be done at some point in 2009. preferably before the summer is over.
  • We'd be in for anything. It's the organization that we're so bad at. Only two critical questions though:
    1. Where, and
    2. What weekend?

    Who knows good spots that aren't too far away? Anyone got a list? That Fennimore place was fantastic, if a little far away. I'd be up for going there again though.
  • what about michigan? I hear there's great spots just a couple hours away?

    Or out by galena?
  • We're in!
  • ... depending on the weekend. I got excited and posted before I had thought about it. :)
  • Was fenimore the place with the herd of cows trudging through... because that place was great (aside from all the cow plop)
  • but there is a distinct chance of spotting a wild dewlap!
  • Dewlaps, cows, and cow plop all sound great to me. Camping rules!
  • we went to the manistee area(about 5hrs drive in michigan) and it was pretty cool.
  • We're open Labor Day wknd, does that work for anyone??
  • does for me! we need to book that shit soon cause l-day is usually camp central
  • i have to verify this, but i think it works for us, too...
  • This is the thread, no pics left cept one of me eating chipps in my sleep...

    Camping Trip #1!!! WI - Aaron's Secret Spot
  • Ask and ye shall receive...

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