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to those of you going to harry potter tonight...

edited July 2009 in Events & Planning
have fun and don't discuss the details! i'm just sayin'


  • man, i couldn't believe it when they killed harry! i mean right after he and hermione got married, they couldn't let them live in peace for a few years and then do it, no she's gonna be so lonely.

    and who knew hogwart was such an evil guy, i should have seen it coming, but still. oh well, over all it was a good movie.
  • ha.
    How was it?
  • Yeah, and when Sniggle led the gang back to his cave, only to find that the Libram of the Ancients had been disenchanted already!
  • And Hermione got into Harleys and became a butch lesbian fronting the Hogwarts Harley Hoes..............aaaaah jus kiddin'
    She got into Kawasakis, harleys are crap
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