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Hey, who's going to Lollapalooza?

edited August 2009 in Events & Planning
We'll be there on the Friday. Never been before. Depeche Mode are headlining, which is excellent because they are actually older than me and probably really need the money. Who else is in?


  • chris and i are going on friday as well for the same reason, andy. he decided to get tickets for sunday, but i wussed out. are you guys going the whole weekend?
  • Just the Friday. We'll be there with a few pals, give us a ring if you want to meet up - 773 551 9865.
  • We'll be there Friday too! (773)550-9940 and Mike's is (773)263-8310. (I have a tendency not to answer mine)
  • alright, i'll give out my number as well.... :) 847.287.6558. i, like erika, have a tendancy to not answer my phone as well, so maybe a text? i dunno. is that asking too much?
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