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MAC peeps I need some Help!!

edited August 2009 in Random
OK so there is a dvd trapped in the slot of my iMac. I say trapped cos it is a Tigger dvd, one of my daughters favorites. I'm sure Tigger is not too impressed either not being able to bounce around and stuff. It keeps gurgling and making a clicking noise when it is on like it is trying to eject the dvd but to no avail. So I turn it off so I don't wear it out.
Any help, suggestions for solutions would be greatly appreciated.


  • not sure what model you have, but most have a pin you can push in with a paper clip to manually eject... maybe try one of these??

    new iMac

    older iMac
  • There are terminal commands that can 'force eject' a disc, but it sounds like you have a hardware issue... if the disc got physically jammed in there somehow your best bet might be a trip down to the apple store.
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