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Moving companies

edited September 2009 in Random
Does anyone have a recommendation for local moving companies?


  • I just used Affordable Movers, they bar code tagged all my stuff that was going into storage and gave me a full report. Not the cheapest but I found them quite good and professional. Another option could be Golans who are also quite professional and fast. It seems the key to all these services is to be ready for the move and not be packing things while they are moving them into the truck.
  • I bet Yelp would turn up some well-reviewed companies. I love that site!
  • I started digging through yelp, I would rather get a recommendation form someone who has used one the services.

    The key to my move is there will only be a few boxes and then furniture & large plants to move.

    I will look into the Golans.
  • are you moving out of that gorgeous duplex?
  • Yes moving from the duplex to a condo in Old Irving, now it is going to be a hike everywhere.

    Went with Cunningham William Movers. my friend & biz partner is moving the same day as me and he is using these guys and has used them before.
  • I've used allied twice now, once from Baltimore to Richmond and again from Richmond to chicago. They're not the cheapest but they've done a stellar job for me and done so quickly damage free.
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