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Atomic Sketch Event

edited September 2009 in Events & Planning
Tonight Michael Frank(one of my best friends for like 20 years) from San Francisco is the featured artist. I was setting it up last night and I have to admit it is pretty awesome. There is a pretty awesome installation that he brought with him.

Everyone come out and get awesome!

This is Michael Frank's first Chicago show and is titled "Subter Supter Os", or "Underneath the Mask". He states "ASE already gives people an art experience, rather than just hanging art on a wall. I want to complement that experience by adding some installation elements, giving out some devil-horn-rock-out hands, and playing music to match. Yeah, experience the art'ing."

Panelists for September:
Michael Frank, Pattie Stell, Tad Stacey, Julia Salameh, Jason Branscum, Ken Carrano, John Airo, and Ethan Hutchinson

Spruce up your walls for cheap.
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