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2008 summer drinking schedule

edited April 2008 in Events & Planning
Ahoy Corks!

The time to plan is now. We all know we'll be spending a lot of time at Happy Village & Phylliseses this summer... but where else?


  • How about Dunlay's and old man bar by Augusta and Leavitt?
  • I've always heard that there are great beer gardens in greek town but I've never really been... has anyone else?
  • Good call on Dunlays, I never even thought about that.

    The patio at Logan Square El Cid would be good for margarita pitchers.
  • edited April 2008
    i tried to make a list last year but we just went happs vill and phylls

    here's the ol list if you are interested in watering holes - -

    May 10th Black Beetle
    May 17th Phyllis'
    May 24th Pontiac
    May 31st Riverview Tavern
    June 7th Matchbox
    June 14th Happy Village
    June 21st Charleston
    June 28th Twisted Spoke @ Ogden
    July 5th Moody's
    July 12th Cleo's
    July 19th Floyd's
    July 26th Small Bar @ Division and Damen
    August 2nd Castaways
  • Happy Village! And other bars too I suppose. Just as long as I can rely on some people showing up, because I LOVE going for a beer and a chat in a garden on a hot Thursday evening. LOVE IT!
  • and i love chat with andy
    i can't wait for warm weather woozy drinkin
  • Totally excited. There are some beer gardens further North as well (Fizz, Resi's Beirstube, Volo Wine Bar), but I'm not sure they are support the level of debauchery and consumption of Old Style that the Corks have been known for in the past.
  • i've always wanted to try chief o'neills that garden looks super
  • I suppose you can all enjoy the Happy Village in peace now the millstone has been removed from around your necks...
  • Moodys is great. I see Laura has it on her list up there.
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