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Anybody ever tried fasting or have any detox regiments/ancient chinese recipes they are particularly proud of for cleansing the system, preferably alcohol free, I seem to remember Andy pushing some Polish Glögg a while back.


  • theres some weird thing that a dude i know does that involves water, honey, and cayenne pepper. Its supposed to detoxify you, lose you abunch of weight, and make you hallucinate.
  • I've heard of that, its the master cleanse I think, does it work for him?
  • yeah. he lost a TON of weight. like, 100 pounds. hard to tell on the whole cleansing/detoxifying thing though.
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    the Master Cleanse is what my former roommate did -but she broke out in hives.

    As of late she has had better luck with weight loss and 'resetting' her palate by removing all processed foods for a week at a time - whenever needed.

    And I agree with her on that - you can reset your palate to get a better awareness of foods, so soon you don't want to taste mac n cheese and sugary foods - b.c. they taste foreign - and instead you can taste the succulent sweetness of fruits and veg - without dressings or sweeteners or anything. But I'm not confident about detoxing - there's no good reason I can think of to shock your body into something.
  • Just curious, what's your motivation for wanting to do this?
  • Detoxifying your body is bollocks. All based on false premises, like there's some sort of stuff in your gut or blood that needs to be 'cleansed' out. Total feel-good, pseudo nonsense.
    Your liver takes care of your bloodstream quite happily, and assuming your diet is reasonable and balanced - which is not difficult - the gut will be looking after itself just fine too. Hell, most of the cells in the body regenerate frequently anyway; there's your cleanup right there.
  • Motivation factor

    I've got this picture see, in my basement of me and it is deteriorating badly. You'd barely recognise it was me.
    * runs out of office and mugs an old lady, returns
    So I thought if I gave myself a detox it would improve the picture some
    A wilde idea I know but anyways

    Seriously though I just want me working optimally, colon and all that stuff, diet is pretty good as is, rarely eat processed foods. I've heard fasting can be beneficial, I mean Gandhi used to do it. It works on both a physical and spiritual level

    Andy many doctors support the idea of fasting where is your proof that they are wrong?
  • Well, fair play, I don't disagree with fasting at all, so long as it's not over-done. (No disrespect to you either, in my rather strong post above there). I actually like feeling really hungry once a day since I think it keeps things sharp and moving along, if you know what i mean.
    What annoys me is the bogus pseudo-science claims based around playing on people's vague fears of having 'toxins' in them that need to be cleared out by some magic herbal shite for $79.95. That colon cleanse stuff they flog, where all this brown stringy mucus stuff comes out? It's the product itself coming out, not anything else. Total scam-ola. And fuckers are making tons of money selling this crap (literally).
  • Yeah I'm not talking bout buying any crap just a simple water only fast.

    I just finished a 5 day one today and I feel grrrreat. Hunger pangs generally cease after day 2.
  • Five days? Wow - I just fasted for 3 hours after lunch so had to down a massive cookie.
  • The way it works is your body realizes that its not getting any food so it busies itself doing other stufff, like takin out the garbage, doing some repairs, adding that jacuzzi, that sunroom for the wife
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