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The Jolly Century 2008 :: Planning thread

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Who's in?


  • What are we planning?
  • The Jolly Century 2008, clearly.
  • i'll see what i can do...
  • I'm in.
    Here's some things I'd love to see:

    sewing circle
    arts n crafts afternoon
    capture the flag
    the chili cook off
    movies in the yard
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    Perhaps I should clarify...

    A 100 mile bike ride is commonly known as a "century". The Jolly Century, as you may recall, was a ride from Chicago to Milwaukee undertaken by several corks members.
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    so add 'on century ride' to the end of each item on my list.

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    nice one, b...
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    Now that biking has it's own thread, can we get back to planning that sewing circle?
  • I think Bahareh is converting and becoming Amish.
  • Any interest in Gut house cleaning circle? You guys could ride your bikes here 'n everything! Perfect.
  • Oh, and while I'm at it, is anyone interested in moving Thurs nite drinks to Wednesday? I can never make Thurs drinks. Damn...
  • Never? Band practice or something? Tricky on a Wednesday; not close enough to the weekend. Maybe Fridays instead?
  • But Fridays enters the weekend, and weekends are always busy for people (or Fridays=go home and laze about). But once in a while perhaps we could do a Thursday night drink on a Wednesday night.
  • I am in. maybe this year we will actually do it...

    Do we want to hang out the next day where ever we bike to?

    Are we still thinking Milwaukee?
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    Posted By: rickAre we still thinking Milwaukee?
    Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of other significant options at that distance. If you're feeling really ambitious & want to train hard, we could shoot for Madison.

  • well why dont we just ride to iowa?
  • You guys could ride to South Bend. It's probably 70 miles or so, but maybe you could take the long way?
  • Michigan=lots of cute towns along the lake.
  • why dont we just ride to Joliet and hang out.
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