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Critical Mass - This friday 4/25

edited April 2008 in Events & Planning
Forecast says 63º & sunny (or thunderstorms, depending who you ask)


  • we may be in...
  • outta town then - good ride y'all
  • anyone have a spare bike?
  • edited April 2008
    I can't get to the bathroom without tripping over a bike these days.
  • i guess that is more a kevin question.

    Who is going to CM tonight?
  • ifin it doesn't rain, i'm in... and yes we have extra bikes, justin has a BMX, although i don't know what he plans on riding tonight.
  • fuck riding a bmx in CM, it is terrible. Did it once and that was enough.
  • Yeah... I made the same mistake. BMX + Critical Mass = quadrecep murder.

    Rick, I do have a spare, but I'm likely running out to a meeting soon. I'd go for something from SOTM's stable.
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