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Freelance web designer needed

edited May 2008 in Random
I am looking for a freelance web designer for a few projects coming up in may. They would be doing comps and that is it.

If you know anyone who wants to pick up some extra work, have them send an email to:

and provide a portfolio or some sites they have done.


  • nobody knows any designers that want some extra work?
  • Holla at me.

    I have a pretty loaded schedule at the moment, but we could talk.
  • Is there a lot of design work Rick? Jon recently quit his job to do full time freelance.
  • Back off Chase... I'll cut you!

  • Are you talking Jon Petto? Right now we are trying to get a pool of designers to fall back.
  • Wise move.
  • btw, we launched our site today:

    but we have a few things to add to it, like a portfolio page and some ajax wizardry.
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