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i'll spare you all the photos, but...

edited May 2008 in Random

here we come, conference finals!!! woo-hoo!!!!!!


  • Quack!!
  • edited May 2008
  • i hate to break it to you guys, especially because i appreciate the sentiment, but:

    bahareh, penguins don't quack.

    justin, i believe that's a puffin, not a penguin.

    ...or are you both secretly making fun of me because i love a hockey team named after a flightless bird??? : )
  • edited May 2008
    I have no idea what you're talking aboot.
  • I don't know about yours, but my penguins QUACK.

    Also, Kelly, I dig the title of this thread. I was thinking you were going to share something decidedly more scandalous...
    think of the possibilities!
  • keep it in your pants bahareh!
  • Or! Something like 'Kevin has this new toe fungus, not sure how to treat it.'
  • Saturated salt solution in hot water; worked a treat for my...wait, what?
  • haha!
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