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Yard Sale Extravaganza

edited May 2008 in Events & Planning
Hi guys,
If you're up for a yard sale or just want to say hi, pop by my place at 2121 W. Cortez. Justin, Tari, Melissa, and I will be selling some wares. There will be all kinds of electronics (guitar amp, VCR, DVD player, TV, Atari system), vintage clothes, purses, all kinds of knick knacks, office goods, kitchenware, books, movies, posters/prints, old dirtbike, and jewelry.


  • when dat be ?
  • Saturday 10-5 (I think)
  • how'd it go?
  • It went really well. :)
    We learned it takes a while to set up, though, and also that it's best to be out super early. We had people showing up a half hour before it was set to start, rifling through boxes and bags as Justin brought them out for me to set up!
  • oh ya - we learned that last year at kebin & kelly's - people hit the streets early! well i hope you got to unload some and make some $ $ $
  • definitely unloaded!
    though sadly most of my halloween stuff didn't off it went to the salvation army!
  • when do you move to Logan Square?
  • a week from Saturday! Eeeeeeeee!
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