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Anyone a comic book collector? I have some comics I'm looking to get rid of (moving to a smaller place with less storage). I have some spawn and a couple issues of witchblade.


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    Still can't part with those rare issues of ElfQuest, eh my little geekling?
  • I am going to jump in and try to hock all my comics also. I have about 5 long boxes filled and I am very tired of bringing them to new locations.
  • :)
    Yes, darling, Elfquest will be moving with me for now.

    Rick-have you tried ebay or craigslist?
  • not really, I am kind of up in the air on how to list them, singles or big packs. Like Spawn for instance I have about 50 issues, and some of those are worth more than others. I guess I just need to look at the market and see what the buying trend is.
  • Are they in plastic?

    I listed the Spawn I have (not in plastic) as a lot, and got no bidders. Poo!
  • almost all of mine are in plastic, to be super nerdy I would say they are very-good to near-mint.
  • then you should definitely ebay, I think.

    Doesn't anyone have a friend/sibling, etc. who wants free (my) comics?
  • I've been looking for an obscure old Japanese comic for a while now, called "Resbian Ravatory Rust"...anyone have a copy?
  • omg, you're terrible!
  • ill take any House of M or the Gah-lak-tus series
  • simon, unfortunately I stopped collecting comics when those series came out. I did read them and they are very good, especially the Ultimates take on Galactus.

    I will also recommend the Secret Invasion storyline going right now.

    Andy - is that a japanese scooby doo comic...?!?!?! If not you are dirty!
  • yeah, im reading Secret Invasion. pretty cool stuff.
  • what would a Japanese scooby doo comic be like? I'd like to see a rendition of that.
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