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thursday drinks... and penguins!

edited April 2008 in Events & Planning
you all everybody missed yet ANOTHER magical game last night. but good news! you have another chance on thursday!

what an opportune event to schedule thursday drinks around! come see the penguins sweep playoff round 2! i'll be at floyd's around 6:00 on thursday, if anyone's interested...


  • Melissa and I will be busy cooking your delicious dinner.
  • is this going to interfere with Lost?
  • don't think so. i should be home right before 9...

    : )
  • not that anyone is interested in this anyway, but i just got a call that i might be doing little brother's birthday dinner tomorrow night instead of penguins. which may also conflict with lost. meh. happy birthday billy.
  • are the penguins still in it? and are we still drinking on thursdays?
  • Yes, I could go for a beer tonight. Game on at Floyds still, Kellie?
  • yeah, we'll be there around 6:30
  • Hmm, looks like I may not able to make it after all. Go go go mighty Penguins!
  • I was at Happy Village on Thursday night, wondered if some long-lost Corks might wander through.

    They did not.
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