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Painting laminate furniture

edited May 2008 in Random
Has anyone repainted furniture that is a laminate material? If so, what's the best tactic? I've been reading online, and a few people suggested this:


  • Metafilter has a relevant-looking thread on this:
  • Thanks, Andy-I ran into that thread and one on that both mention the Krylon, but not sure how it would look.
  • B, I used Krylon for Plastic to paint plastic tubs a few years ago (Country Crock tubs to be exact). It worked really well. Downside is they do not have a great selection of colors and it's creates a smooth plastic texture which might look cheap on your furniture.

    Eventually the paint began to chip off because the tubs are flexible. Not going to be a problem for you.
  • ah, good to know. Thanks, Chase!
  • Hit up that awesome art store on Chicago at the Brown Line. Bet they'll have some advice and/or paint for you.
  • Good idea!

    I keep switching back and forth between ditching the bookcase and buying a new one, and the more prudent choice of sanding and repainting...
  • I'm aiming to tackle this tomorrow or Friday, will let ya'll know how it turns out.
  • * sand a bit
    * prime it
    * paint it
  • got "before" pics?
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