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Euro Cup Soccer Finals: Germany - Spain @ Fado Sunday, 06/29 1:45pm

If Germany wins, i will buy rounds for every JK in attendance.

Sunday 06/29 @ 1:45 pm
Fado Irish Pub
100 W Grand Avenue


  • yay!

    Fado does brunch too - so we might get there early to zecure ze table for ze watching of ze game.
    Bahareh & JB - you two are coming right? AND rooting for the Germans?
  • What's a JK?
  • Which day?
  • heehee! i think he means JC...Jolly Cork :)
  • Sunday!
  • mmmh, Jolly Kork, i guess i had Germany on my mind.

    all of you, is what i mean, you know, Jolly Corks!
  • Man, Spain played well today I hear - my money's on them. Perhaps another bet Seb? $10 on Johnny Spaniard for me, and no odds this time. We'll be there for sure; perhaps 12.30 or so?
  • you got yourself a bet, my good lad. i was nervous about their chances, but now with you betting against Germany again, they simply cannot lose!
  • *starts sweating, runs finger nervously round collar*
  • we'll be there for brunch to get a good seat, probably around 11.30 or so
  • this never took place! mods, please delete this thread. There never was such an event and somebody has been impersonating me inviting people to watch this imaginary game. I'm shocked and appalled!
  • Sebastian... I'm sorry.
    Always a bridesmaid and all of that...
  • well yes, it still beats being kicked out of the wedding by the janitor.
  • damn video games!

    apparently only played in England.
  • On the plus side, I won ten dollars, which covered at least two bloody marys. And, we saw Wall-E too, which was an EXCELLENT film. All in all, a very enjoyable time was had by nearly everyone.
  • Oh poor Germany :( They have won more championships than anyone other than those smarmy French though...and the Spaniards haven't had a championship in like over 24 years or they deserved it!
    They did great for being so veritcally challenged and all ;)

    Wall E was so good! I have been walking around the house saying " Seeeeb - Eeeee" all the time!
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