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Seeders & Leechers

edited October 2007 in Events & Planning
So they finally got wise to the torrents, eh?


  • edited October 2007
    "Torrents"? ....what on earth is a "torrent"?

    /me whistles & backs out of the room slowly
  • *shits pants...
  • Not really, I'm sure it will be fine :)
  • im bummed oink is dead.

    viva la oink
  • Oink was the best. *now worried about being sued..
  • just saw this, an figured it would be old news for anyone that ... knew what it was and was possibly a member... not that anyone here would ...
  • Hey everyone.. A friend of mine is looking for a copy of Final Cut pro. anyone know where a copy might be found?

  • on demonoid:

    very reliable torrents. best site for mac torrents. will send you an invite if you like.
  • there is also waffles which is very similar to oink. Seed Peer has a lot of verified torrents on teh site.
  • i would like a demonoid invite!
  • simon send me your email address and I will hook you up.

    rick at
  • Yikes! Does anyone havet a good torrent for Photoshop? I have a CS3 copy but it no longer works. :(
  • mac or pc? I have them both at home on disc
  • i got mine from mininova. it was very complex to break into it. i had to go to the terminal and type code and shit. i eventuially got it though!
  • Thanks Seb.
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