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i lost 2.2lbs by peeing

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**Disclaimer: Scientific research below, be careful**

so for about week now, every morning when i get up i think, how much weight do i pee off every morning. some mornings i don't have to go too bad, but some mornings i feel like i'm about to burst. so i figured, why not weigh myself before and after? well i never did because i forgot on the way to the bathroom. but this morning was different!

i really had to go, so i thought it would be a good trial. i weighed myself 3 times before going and got the same result. then, i weighed myself 3 times after and got matching results... the difference was a whopping 2.2lbs (or 1kg for andy and sebastian)

maybe it's just me, but that seems like a lot. if it where purely water that would be .263 gallons (or .997 liters). if it was salt water it would be slightly less.



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    Well, a bit of a Google indicated that the kidneys filter 200 gallons of blood each day (amazing!), producing about 2 quarts of urine, though I guess that last figure varies enormously. My mother has never been known to drink a glass of water; I've long suspected she pees crystals.
    Hmm, 2 quarts is half a gallon, or 64oz. 2.2 pounds is 35oz, so you pissed about half the daily volume or thereabouts.

    That's a lot. Did I hear someone say 'diabetes'?

    Kidding! I bet like most Americans/Westerners you drink ass-loads of water. That nighttime volume probably translates to a third of your intake, which covers the 8-hour sleep period quite nicely.
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    Posted By: BlokeI bet like most Americans/Westerners you drink ass-loads of water.
    Surely you meant to say "cola" or "beer" or "coffee", rather than water.
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    I'm not sure if it's the nature of the topic, or Wilford Brimley's presence in this thread... but I'm reminded of the part of this sketch where the guy pours out the iced tea:

  • women know all about water retention all too well, specially around a certain time of the month. bleh.
  • and after many a kidney infection in college - i'm just happy when things 'come out all right' as grandpa used to say - no pain pee
  • sorry, after thinking about this it hardly seems like a noble feat. but i thought it was interesting.

    i retain water like a damn, every month!

    p.s. a kidney infection would suck!
  • like a dam, kevin? or a damn?
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