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True Blood season finale get together???

edited November 2008 in Events & Planning
Anyone want to come over to my place & watch the last episode on the big screen? I can make something or we can order in.


  • Alas, I'm waaaay behind you guys. Plodding onwards, though!
  • Ooh I watched this week's episode in a hotel room (don't/won't get HBO at home). It's really good, isn't it? When's the last one - next week?
  • i still have to watch this weeks download but yes! i would love to see it bigger than my laptop screen. it's been my secret pleasure - while aaron toils into the nite. ha - - but he wants to join in for the first time too!

    tell me again what time it's on the tv ?
    and where thee lives?
  • 8pm on Sunday night. Logan square @ Armitage & Kedzie. 1937 N. Sawyer. Any other takers???
  • Yep Bloke, this Sunday is the last episode. Do you still live in Logan?
  • is this happening?
  • i can't wait until next summer waaaaanh

    all you corks not watching true blood - should the dvd come out - GET IT
    this could be our unofficial tv show of the corks 2009 it rocks
  • I have to admit, I finally finished watching the season and it did get much better at the end!
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