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New Bar

edited November 2008 in Events & Planning
The Whistler 2421 N Milwaukee Ave
I'm going after work with chase, we'll prob be there 8ish. come on down if you want.

it's said to be like the violet hour but cheaper, casual, and it's in logan square.


  • Can't wait. I'm going to need multiple cocktails and a shoulder after my day.
  • oh no i am so sorry chase

    sadly, i have no voice at the moment so i am writing aaron notes and hunkered down here.

    but let me tell you - we went to the whistler on Saturday- and i am not usually one for the fancy drinks, but their fall menu is fantabulous. i had a fancy whiskey drink that came in a martini class with ice shaves and it was delish. and you have to see the bartender, ahem mixologist - which he hates being called apparently - make this maker's mark red drink - there are so many syrups and yummyness and you get this cool fruit roll flower on top - actually i think it's a fig but we passed it around guessing. and drinks are $8-which is no PBR but it's an inexpensive fancy drink.

    happy times at the whistler!
  • did you like it?
  • oooh, this sounds delightful, and right in the hood!
    How was it guys?
  • Although right in the hood, it was still to far to tear us away from the warmth of the house and second season of Six Feet Under. We decided to hold off and go another time when a) others can join us or b) we felt more like drinks at a bar.
  • Ok tonight we are going for real, and Bahareh says she'll join us!
    Thanksgiving cork drinks- Tonight at the The Whistler!
  • What would be a particularly Thanksgiving cocktail? Maybe something with cranberry? Or gravy based?

    Would did the pilgrims drink?
  • Thank you, I'll have a Gin & Tonic!

    *sticks seashell in hat

    We'd love to check this place out, but some serious Thanksgiving prep needed tonight. God, our place is a dump.
  • Sorry all - I'm teaching one last class tonight and then heading home to pack, etc.


    HAPPY THANKS to all of you, enjoy, indulge, love
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