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Birth Announcement

edited November 2008 in Random
My wife Ingrid and I welcome our daughter Niamh into this almost Bush free USA.
She was born at 8.07 am on Thanksgiving. We are all doing just fine y'all.


  • Nice one Dave! Congratulations to you both. And Naimh is a lovely name too; is it like the Gaelic form of Naomi or something?
  • edited November 2008
    Don't know, Niamh is just Niamh to me. It's from Irish folklore, mythology etc.
    Pronounced Nee-av or Knee-'ave as in I'll fucking 'ave you mate!
    Aaaaah that takes me back my days livin' in London. Good times!
  • Congrats! What a great Thanksgiving :) Although I hope she grows up to like turkey :)
  • excellent - getting a birthday with a national holiday - what a princess! congratulations!
  • edited December 2008
    Pics of the 7 lb 3 oz 20 inch long bundle.

    Login and password are same


    To view pics of our very special little addition.
    Hit website,then new client, then enter password and login.
  • She's beautiful!
  • look at the little fists - adorable. i love the early days.
  • Aw, congratulations! What a little sweetheart, and a beautiful name!
  • Thanks guys, she is so quiet, lets you know when she needs something and that's it. Wakes us up every 3 to 4 hours during the night. We just change/feed her then it's back to sleep. 2 weeks paternity leave, not bad. Shit paternity leave was unheard of just 5 years ago. TG for progress!!
  • congratulations!
  • Apparently Niamh means bright or radiant. I tell people its an old Irish name meaning "I will grow up, become rich and support my folks, and I will never talk back"
  • hee, good luck with that!
  • Awesome guys! Mozel Tov!
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