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"I dot Chicago" Tshirts...where to buy?

edited December 2008 in Events & Planning
Does anyone know where to buy those "I dot Chicago" Tshirts?



  • sorry - never seen em - i'd like to see it when someone says where to get em
  • if you can get a hold of this guy... apparently he made them.
  • Cool! I know who that guy is - he works at Danny's!

    Interesting article:
  • Hey, anyone know where to get a decent Obama tshirt or sweatshirt too? Seriouslly; I really want to get one for my dad for Xmas. There's some terrible ones out there of course.
  • I've seen those shirts for sale at Reckless records on milwaukee over the last year..
  • edited December 2008
    Andy, I only know where to get the terrible Obama shirts.

    This may help:
  • Thanks Rick; don't think they have a regular shop though. And come to think of it, I'm going to see if I can get and Obama-on-a-unicorn type shirt in the end anyway for maximum effect down the pub on Xmas eve!
  • Just resurrect one of your many Bananarama tshirts. Folks will get the message.
  • The only place I've seen the "I dot Chicago" shirts for sale was behind the counter at Danny's. Which, I guess, makes sense?
  • Posted By: kebinif you can get a hold ofthis guy... apparently he made them.
    ive bought one from him, thnk you can go to dannys and they will tell you when hes working, or maybe i got his number, forget.

    he was living in logan and i went to his apt to pick it up.
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