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edited January 2009 in Events & Planning
does anyone want to try again this weekend (1/24-25)? we're more prepared now, i think we have 4 sleds.

here's a list of hills in the area... most of them have warming areas and parking lots

the crystal lake hill seems close enough and it's steep enough and long enough to be fun.

also, flick park in glenview and jensen slides which is at the forrest preserve entrance on devon and milwaukee seem pretty good and they're not too far.

i'm in!


  • I'd love to go! Crystal lake is pretty far away though brother. I've passed by the one behind Soldier Field, & it's decent but not too steep. The Addison one looks pretty good & has a video posted on it too. If we get to the planning stage, let's email! Except for Justin. We'll do RSS for him.
  • Are you sleeding this sleekend?
  • Heh! Sleeding sounds much more fun. Like sledding but really fast so you go 'eeeee' as you whiz by.
  • There was a young man from Leeds
    Who very much enjoyed a good sleed
    till one day his tartan
    got caught in his fartin
    and he bellowed "oh holy sheed!"
  • why is everyone picking on my southern education... you know we don't learn much down there... 'sept how to sleeeed!
  • omg. bahareh, i love that limerick.
  • I don't think M and I have plans. Tell me when to put my boots on.
  • Brilliant Bahareh!

    Roses are red
    violets are um, a weed
    Kevin wants to know
    if we're up for a sleed!

  • terrible. please, stick you your day jobs. i'm free before 6 tomorrow afternoon but open on sunday. gonna be cold too!
  • maybe sunday would be best... one of the locals decide what the best place to go would be.

    i'm more for the steeper longer hills, but i know some people don't have health insurance!
  • edited January 2009
    Stay away from that place in Evanston unless you're going late.

    Apparently, some kid hurt his neck on the BIG hill several years ago, and now the park pays a jerk in a security uniform to stand at the top every night until 10pm to prevent you from having fun.
  • i might be out. brother in town saturday and girls day on sunday. maybe i can talk girl into sledding?
  • if you guys go, call us!
  • I likes to sled, mmmhmmm
  • i really like the sledding idea, too. i'm just sayin'.
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