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Office Space

edited February 2009 in Random
We just signed a lease for our office space last friday! w00t! Will post pics in a while. Going in today for measuring the walls etc.

We need to paint the interior of the office but it might be a bit before that happens.


  • Where is it? Who is 'we'? I thought you were moving to SF?
    How am I so out of the loop?
  • excellent! you are our new (working) neighbors. welcome to the hood!
  • markle - my friend chip & I started Why you are out of the loop.... hmmmm....

    Laura - we should all do lunch when we are officially moved in. we are starting to move stuff in this weekend and the our first day is March 2nd!
  • that would be great - maybe aaron and i can pick up lunch and see the space
    keep us posted! see you in march fur shure
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