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Tough Guy!!

edited February 2009 in Random
I like walking up and down the streets in the hood on Google Maps streetview. It makes me feel tough, invincible superhero-like. At the moment I'm cruisin' on the westside starin' people down 'n shit saying things like "You got a problem beatch, naw din't think so homie" "Get thee to a nunnery!" I like to insert the occasional Shakespearean quote just so's I can laud it over these people. Am I normal, doesn't everybody do this shit?


  • ha! no....I don't go running through the rough google streets. I prefer to meander through the pretty streets and pick flowers.
  • You both need help. Google street view is awesome for checkin' out your old digs as well as seeing if you can catch people doing naughty things!
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