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hey everybody

edited February 2009 in Random
hows it going?


  • Super duper busy & tired.

  • What Justin said
  • (ps I don't have anything useful to suggest on your insurance question)
  • things are ok. sorry no one has met our dog yet but we'll workin on some training things. like not being dog aggressive and being more walkable. but other than that thing are pretty swell. wedding planning, sister lives here now, and aaron is undeniably busy with work.

    i could deal with a good thaw though. maybe we'll see more of each other when the sun shines stronger.
  • You betcha! It's true hibernation time right now though, isn't it. Last weekend we didn't even make it out for a game of pool, let alone go on any kind of get-together.
  • yes, we must get together, and also meet your dog!
  • L, we are down the street from you now, and there will be a dog here sometimes during the week, maybe we can have introductions. Aaron has also mentioned showing up in his robe....
  • nice rick - maybe we can pop by next week. that was quick i though it would be march 1 - oh wait it is getting to be march already. wow. see you at the office soon.

    everyone - enjoy your comfort food and closeted drinking now - we shall gather again soon !
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