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Thursday Drinks - Happy Village

edited May 2009 in Events & Planning
This Thursday after work - Happy Village - we'll be there :)
80 degrees!


  • OMG what a grand idea! :)
  • Yippee!
  • I AM SO THERE YES. There is also a internet nerd gathering going on, so maybe I will bring a few of them if they arrive in time.

  • Bugger! I'm signed up for this corporate run thing downtown that night. Of all the weeks to choose, I mean honestly...
  • andy - i ran into robin / conik and he was looking forward to seeing you, all of us, at another corks outside imbibing. maybe i'll invite him along for tomorrow anyway. do you think you could come at all? aaron and i are going to make it - but i wouldn't get there til 7pm when i'm done with work, k?
  • You know what, I could piss off after the run and head over there. I'll try, kind of obliged to go for a beer with the co-workers though.
  • yes, do try!

    also, name of german town i was trying to remember yesterday-erlangen.
  • Hello Jolly Corks! It's been a while. No, YOU shut up!

    Anyways, I'll be there.
  • Andy, you'll just have to piss off this co-worker thing. You just have to. I have not seen you in 11 years or so.
  • Is that your home town? Some great Deutsch rock-n-rolla there, toe-tapping stuff. Hopefully see you later (doubtful though, I'm afraid).
  • wow, that video is...
  • hmmm... super exhausted from work travel but we might have to scoot on over
  • That was loads of fun, it was so good to see everyone!
  • *fumes*
    Chase - I got your message too late. Couldn't have made it anyway.
  • Maybe we should plan a little gathering at Mayfest this weekend up in Lincoln Square? Bratwursts, games, beers the size of your head?
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