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true blood

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okay, all i'm going to say is when bill says sookie's name i giggle. it sounds silly to me. anyone else? discuss.


  • Funny coincidence; we just watched the first episode of that last night. Really good, isn't it? All weird spooky southern stuff. And vampires. I didn't even know she was called that; it sounded more like 'suckie' to me.
  • It does sound like suckie. Ha!
    And Maryann-I'm pegging her as Circe.
  • OR something to do with Bacchus, the way she has everything in excess-food/drink/luxurious surroundings, dancing, weird sexual frenzy...
  • also, I liked the Buffy shout out.
  • watched S02E01 last night. so confused. i hardly remember the close of last season but we're catching on. is it b.c. i know they are a real life couple or just cuz their relationship has progressed that i think it has lost a lot of the innocence or flirtatious restraint she used to have? them no holds barred may be kind of enh. but i'm still a V watcher
  • Well, all caught up now. Last night's episode was almost immediately available thru lovely lovely bittorrent.
    What a great show! I love how they've created such a plausible other-world, where people don't seem to be hardly fazed at all by vampires, shape-changers or big-hatted chasy things that go slash in the forest. I reckon that last one's MaryAnn's alter-ego by the way. And I'm also highly scared when people's eyes go all black like they did at that party. Yikes!
  • yeah andy, I agree-big horny thing = Maryann. What's up with the waitress at the end of the show having those scars? So once she's attacked, then she's under Maryann AKA Horny's power?
  • bahareh...good call on maryann!
  • edited July 2009
    So Daphne-
    shapeshifter who survived the attack, or shapeshifter who is a minion of Maryann's now and did NOT survive the attack? I'm leaning towards Maryann being involved somehow...
  • edited July 2009
    Could be either; more important to me is their subtle reference to 'werewolves' this week. Bring THEM the fuck on!
    I hear talk MaryAnn being a Maenad btw (, which is also awesome.
    Finally, the flashback to Viking Eric getting got by Egyptian Godric was fantastic. Love it!
  • yeah, werewolves will be interesting! Maenad makes sense.
  • what are your thoughts on the abundance of tropical fruit?
  • I think they're just props really, intended to cement the image of her sybaritic, lascivious lifestyle. I had to spell check those words.
    No-one seems to question where she gets them every day though, do they? Maybe there's a mega Whole Foods in Shreveport.
  • CRAP downloaders (A&L) are behind. spoiler alerts be damned. nutso
  • oh and i love this new term andy - Maenad - i would have tattooed this on my body a long time ago if i knew of it. i've been playing the part for years
  • Nice use of the extra credit words, Andy! Yes, lascivious for sure. Tropical fruit, Greek style dresses, loads of wine...into the bacchanal.
    What does she want with Tara in particular, though?
    And what role does benedict play?

    And why is Barney the Mind reading Bellhop such a freaking sourpuss wussy?
  • best episode so far. it was chock full-pausing it when i ran to the kitchen, etc. i knew that waitress weren't so dumb after all. but i don't want sam to die! eeeek i am hooked.
  • What a bunch of fang bangers you are. I wish the series had a strong vampire girl that looked like one of the women in a Conan the barbarian comic book.
  • Sam won't die! I don't know how he'll get out of it, but he won't die. Maybe he'll shift into another animal?
  • Why can't he shift into something badass, like a bear? Or even a decent size dog, for chrissakes? If he turned into a honking great mastiff he'll be able to escape MaryAnn's carnal clutches for sure.
    And Jessica is HOT, by the way. There, I done said it.
  • I've wondered the same thing about why Sam chooses to shift into Lassie.

    I'm confused how Egg's relationship with Mary Ann works... and why does she want them specifically to be doin' it? She has half the town getting down and dirty at her parties... why Tara and Egg's specifically.

    I bought the books and read the first two, and I cannot say enough how much better the show is than the books. That almost never happens.
  • ... also, I think that Bill is one of the more boring characters on the show.
  • i would agree with boring Bill. and i'll restate that the lust is gone since they are all dating off-screen and come back to season all popped-cherry.

    that eric face rendered over the policemen's while he was yelling gave me nightmares. nightmares i tell ya. me and lafayette
  • Erika, I agree-I only read the first book, but it was pretty ho-hum. And Bill is a bit prissy for my liking, though the glimpse into 1920's Bill was interesting.

    I think it's easier for Sam to shift into that dog, but with much effort perhaps he can change into a bird or something big?
  • ...or a flea, so he can hop away undetected. Or an eel, so he can 'give them the slip' ha ha!

    Hmm. I'm starting to doubt this shape changing thing now. It seems to be contravening far too many physical laws. Ooh maybe the laws limit them only to shapes of a similar mass. He's a bit bigger than that dog, mind, but you get the idea.
  • I know in the first season Sam said he can shift to other things but that dog is easiest/comfortable to shift into. He made a comment about shifting into a bird and said flight was kind of hard.
  • I only watch this online, so I didn't see the preview for next week. Any hints in the preview on what will happen?
  • that's cute.

    What do you guys think of Godric? He seems so depressed. :(
  • Total badass. I like the way he underplays it, the Egyptian-style tattoo detail, and the 'I'm older than your jesus' line. Brilliant!
    I'm really enjoying the weekly summaries this guy does on the show:
    AND the show's getting noticed in England too now:
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