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Moth help

edited September 2009 in Random
Anyone ever had a moth problem? I'm not sure what to do, they keep coming. I clean the clothes, use cedar spray and balls, lures to catch the adult moths, but they seem to have a hidey hole or something, because they just don't get eradicated completely.
I haven't yet used moth balls because my closet isn't airtight and I worry about the fumes being poisonous (and I need them in the whole closet!).


  • Are these clothes-eating moths/larvae, or the ones you get in the kitchen, from dry goods and stuff. Ways of getting rid of them are quite different I think.
  • clothes eating motha*****.
  • edited September 2009
    Quite a few links out there on getting these critters. Eg Looks tricky, to be honest.
    If i wanted to get all science on their ass, you might want to do what you can to break their life-cycle as well as cleaning; interrupt the egg/larva/moth/egg process. Something like:

    1. Rewash all the clothes, keep them away from the closet for a few days perhaps? Try and starve them out, you see. A starving larva is an unhappy larva.

    2. If possible, freezing the clothes might help kill any eggs that might remain. (I do this with flour & spices etc, btw). A frozen egg is a miserable egg.

    3. Might also be a reservoir in your rugs or carpets. Freeze them too, or at least clean the crap out of them - food denial again. I have no idea how you could find a big enough freezer though.

    4. Keep most of the clothes offsite for a while maybe. Keep what you need at home away from the danger zone, for a week or so maybe. I'm kind of making this up.

    5. Keep an eye on things. See any moths or moth bits appear? Maybe hang a tasty t-shirt up to see if anything hits it.

    I'm running out of suggestions here, but you get the idea, yes?
  • ha, Andy, this is awesome. I rewashed the clothes, and froze the ones that were in the danger area. :) Tari took a photo of my freezer stuffed with sweaters.
    Luckily, I have no rugs or I'm sure they'd be super infested. Yuck.
    I also put up pheromone traps to capture the adult males--hopefully no mating=no more eggs!
    Hopefully I've got all the larva, so if I can just keep the stray moths that are still around from mating, then maybe I have a chance!

    Starving larva=unhappy larva. YES! My new mantra.
    By the way, I am happy to report that fluttering moths can be killed by spraying febreze at them if you can't reach them.
  • Moth murderer!

    (I heard hairspray was good too)
  • Something to do with The Mothman Prophecies no doubt.....
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