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Thursday Drinks at Happy Village, September 10th (Bahareh B-Day Edition)

edited September 2009 in Events & Planning
Let's have drinks tomorrow after work, shall we? Usual spot at the usual hour.

It's Bahareh's birthday, so please come by and buy her a drink -- or I will have to add your name to her ever-growing Shitlist (yes, i can do that, because my handwriting is virtually indistinguishable from hers).

The following are NOT valid excuses for skipping this cork-up:

- I have to work late
- I am not feeling well
- I am really sick
- No, really, I'm sick as a dog!
- I am out of town
- I'm going on a date
- I like Bahareh but can't stand anybody else
- I may be pregnant
- I live in San Diego and there's no way I'm coming up for this
- Who's Bahareh?

Happy Village
Thursday, 09/10


  • I may be pregnant
  • What the fuck is a "Markle"?

    I'm in!
  • pretty sure I can swing this. May show up a tad late, though. Gotta buy a suit.
  • Who's Bahareh?
  • and for those of you who know clare, it was her birthday a couple weeks ago, so we'll toast her! And Kovy!
  • Ah wish I could be there!! the best I can do is at least participate in the comments section. after somehow managing to remember user name. I think it was 2 years (or more) that I last signed in.

    So ----HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!! here's to you! cheers. xoxo Sarah
  • I can stop by for a bit, I don't think I've seen most of you in almost a year!
  • Yes,it's been too long!

    Sarah-thank you! xoxo
  • Happy Birthday B, sorry I can't make it due to my parents who are up from Florida.
  • Thanks Sal!

    It was so good to see everyone last night. I wish we had more summer evenings for Corkage fun. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, too!
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