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Yard Sale 09-19-09

edited September 2009 in Events & Planning
Since I am in the process of moving, we are having a garage sale.

Video games, graphic novels, movies, cds, stylish women's and men's clothing, kitchen wares, a MAGIC BULLET with all attachments, books, Art in America magazines, 27" TV, HD-DVD player, a G4 Mac, film cameras, holiday lights and other miscellaneous items.

9 am - 3 pm on Saturday, September 19th


  • 1736 N Washtenaw, between Armitage & north, 2 blocks east of california.

    I was copying and pasting from other places where the date is a separate field. Good catch!
  • We're out of town Saturday or else I'd come by to peruse, especially books and movies!
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