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x-country skiing

edited December 2009 in Random
anyone familiar with where to do this at parks or near the city? always wanted to try, not sure where to start - well in illinois that is.


  • I've always wanted to do this too, Laura. I'll see if I can look up places in IL (I know there's a ton in WI!).
  • There are some really cool options in WI-- at Mirror Lake State Park they have a night ski with tiki torches up--- but that's a hike.

    It's not x-country skiing but I heard that the Botanical Gardens has some cool snow shoeing trails.
  • That sounds cool-I wonder if they rent the snowshoes?
  • Yelp recommends Peterson Park and Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve for Cross country skiing around Chicago.
  • I'm not sure about places in the city but I know that Sportsman's Country Club in Northbrook has a huge golf course for x-country skiing & they also rent skis by the day as well. In general though, I'd check golf courses around the city as an option.
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